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Real-Time HRV analysis

Real-time HRV analysis enables assessment in a "real-time" mode, which means that data is analyzed as it is put in. Results can thus be produced with certain periodicity (the period of data renewal corresponds to the time of "standard stage" which is 192 RR intervals). 192 RR intervals may last from 2 to 4 minutes, depending on heart rate. Calculations, therefore, can be done every 2 to 4 minutes.

In spite of some simplicity of a "real-time" mode, it is essentially universal, since it enables the HRV response assessment during different kinds of long-term therapy, long-term tests like the Stress test or during any kind of experiments aimed at therapeutic strategy optimization.

The results of the cluster analysis are presented on 2 graphs: Dynamics of LF and Dynamics of HF. The Parameters page includes basic parameters of the cluster analysis for each completed stage: HR, LF, HF, and comments entered during or after the test.

Cluster Analysis page

The Spectrum page displays any two consecutive stages of the Real-Time HRV analysis. The 3D Spectrum page displays an interactive model of the 3D Spectral function of any selected six consecutive stages of the test.

Spectrum page

3D Spectrum page

2-chanel Test window


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