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Theoretical Review (PDF - download) $45.00


Quantitative Assessment of HRV based on heart rate variability analysis has been the subject of intensive research for the past four decades. Currently multiple facets of its theoretical and practical value encourage numerous cutting-edge investigational studies in both basic and clinical research. However, for many years this method has remained the privilege of research laboratories, and was not accessible to medical practitioners, and only recently was recognized for its effectiveness in clinical use by the FDA, AAMI, ANSI, and a number of health organizations and insurance companies.

Intellewave technology is unique in its ability to automatically assess R-R intervals variability regulation mechanisms by using proprietary patented method based on Artificial Intelligence theory. Such method did not require any source of information other than R-R intervals variability. 

Hence, we included here an overview of theoretical and practical aspects of HRV assessment , courtesy of Alexander Riftine,PhD, a distinguished investigator recognized worldwide for his contribution in heart rate variability research.

This theoretical overview covers results of Dr. Riftine’s multiple investigational projects, uses statistical data accumulated over the period of 25 years, and incorporates findings of other published research studies in Heart Rate Variability analysis. To illustrate typical cases of HRV reaction to controlled exercises, the author selected results from patients tested with Intellewave system, as this product is currently part of  U.S. medical market.