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  • Fully automated HRV analyses is performed without any human intervention
  • Compatibility with most desktop or notebook computers used in the office
  • Three testing modalities:
  • Immediate results presentation.
  • Reliability of automatic HRV assessment was proved by Bland-Altman analysis with the Mean values of -0.07 for HF and -0.06 for LF and the Standard Deviation values of 0.77 for HF and 0.71 for LF.
  • Power spectral analysis of HRV; calculation of E/I Ratio, Valsalva Ratio, 30:15 Ratio and Heart Rate.
  • Cluster Analysis of HRV: quantification and visual representation of relationships between High and Low Frequency components of HRV.
  • Test-to-test trends provided separately for Orthostatic test and for Valsalva maneuver combined with deep breathing.
  • Patient data management capability, task selection, import/export of compatible database files.

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