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                       Valsalva Maneuver combined with Deep Breathing
                                                  (Case to exclude Autonomic Neuropathy)






     Typical case of Risk of Sudden Cardiac arrest

      Typical case of Beta - Blockers Overdozage      





            3D Spectral function 

              (Case to exclude Autonomic Neuropathy with individual border line between LF and HF)

     Spectral analysis of R-R intervals Variability 

                    (Individual Border Line between LF and HF components)

    Detailed assessment of the test result           

Real - Time of Heart Rate Variability

                       (Red line - Sympathetic and Green line - Parasympathetic)

                Real - Time 3D Spectral Function

     Real - Time continious Blood Pressure input data


24 hour Heart Rate Variability

    (See the difference between "Sleep-Time" - blue zone  and "Awake-Time" - yellow zone)


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